Federal payday lending rule could face repeal amid new battle

More: Trapped in payday loan debt? Here’s how you can escape. Payday loans rule could lead to cheaper alternatives Mick Mulvaney: Payday lending campaign contributions pose no conflicts of interest However, critics of the payday lending rule argue it …

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Which Alternative ETF Strategy Is Right For You? (SPLV)

Alternatives are represented by a portfolio comprising equal … based on annual data from 1973 through 2012 4 Senior loans are usually priced relative to three-month Libor, with the lender receiving a fixed spread above the Libor rate.

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Subprime Lending Power Player Victory Park Expands Overseas

Victory Park Capital — a Chicago-based investment firm — is a key player in the alternative financial services movement, providing debt capital for a string of familiar names in online lending. Avant, Elevate and LendUp, for example, are among the …

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How to Use Personal Loans to Refinance Student Loans

a personal loan may be the answer only after you’ve explored some of these alternatives. You can find a personal loan through an assortment of banks, credit unions, and online lenders. When applying, be as thorough as possible in the information you provide.

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